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"Thank you guys. We ar very impressed with the turnaround time and quality of the output on this project. We look forward to continuing to do business with your group."

- Ethan

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Electrical Engineering Design Services

Electrical engineering design is all about concept, design and scheme. Using these three key aspects to the optimum, CAD Conversion India has always strived to come up with brilliant solutions for electrical design. Computer aided electrical design, which is the main part of CAD services is used by our company to give you specific and detailed designs with proficiency. Precisely, the concept of electrical designing is what we have been doing at CAD Conversion India. We also implement different forms of designs on electrical systems.

At CAD Conversion India, you can get expert help from a team of professional and dynamic engineers, gifted with the experience of this industry and professional experience in the field of Computer Aided Design or CAD. Experienced professionals have been hired by our company to ensure that we are able to offer you world class services.

Our Electrical Design services include:

  • Drawing different types of cables.
  • Detailed pictorial representation of the complete wiring system as well as the schematic details.
  • Elemental drawings of lighting and power systems.
  • One-way electrical drawings.
  • Designing different parts of the power and lighting load calculation areas with all the necessary equipments in place. Standard techniques are used to ensure that these diagrams are perfect.
  • Panel schedule design.
  • BOM and BOQ diagrams (Billing of Materials, Billing of Quantity).
  • Detailed drawing of the entire electrical system for commercial and industrial projects as well as residential projects.

CAD Conversion India intends to offer you process oriented electrical design, based on the technology as well as the software in use. This specific electrical engineering design is meant to ensure that the requirements of each and every project are met. These services are meant for different industrial sectors, such as building contractors, structural consultants, MEP consultants and engineering consultants.

To get detailed information about the electrical design services provided us, you can get in touch with our team of experts today.

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