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"Thank you guys. We ar very impressed with the turnaround time and quality of the output on this project. We look forward to continuing to do business with your group."

- Ethan

"The work that you have completed for us is absolutely perfect! Everything is brilliant, and the service was friendly and very quick!"

- Brad

"Many thanks for your quick follow up as because of your help i was able to return an RFQ in time and on short notice. Looking forward working with you again in the future."

- Samuel Keith

Paper to CAD Conversion Services

With the need to convert a document or drawing from paper (either hand drawn or printed) to CAD drawing format (.dwg, .dgn, .dxf) because of editing or addition to the drawing, clients look for an outsourcing firm to deliver effective paper to CAD conversion services. We are CAD Conversion India, a firm of Architects, Designers, Draftsmen, IT Professionals, printers and proofing experts.

Project Capabilities

  • Engineering Drawings
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Watershed Maps
  • Topographical Maps
  • Soil/ Flood Maps
  • Stormwater Maps
  • Parcel/ Tax maps
  • Lease Boundaries
  • Geographical Boundaries
  • USGS drawings
  • Contour Maps
  • Blueprints of various plans
  • PDF files

Our Benefits

  • Accuracy maintained irrespective of the DPI (dots per inch) rating of scan
  • Manual and/or mechanized attempt to optimize conversion results and enhance accuracy
  • Standard turn around times and costs - both very reasonable
  • Drawings provided are fully editable
  • Size and formats of drawings have no bar
  • Very experienced and competent designers and architects
  • AIA standard convention followed and customized as per your inputs
  • Ready for licensee Architect's check
  • Archiving old drawings

Preparation of CAD drawings in the 2 Dimensional format is possible with the use of high quality scanners and Optical Character Recognition equipment. CAD Conversion India is equipped with the common and popular industry equipment.

By using the scanned image of your on-paper data (text, picture or drawing) as a background, we manually recreate it, using your layers, styles and conventions. An exact copy of the original in cad format such as .dwg or .dwf is sent to you for a reference to get a GO on continuing the same pattern on similar drawings.

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