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"Thank you guys. We ar very impressed with the turnaround time and quality of the output on this project. We look forward to continuing to do business with your group."

- Ethan

"The work that you have completed for us is absolutely perfect! Everything is brilliant, and the service was friendly and very quick!"

- Brad

"Many thanks for your quick follow up as because of your help i was able to return an RFQ in time and on short notice. Looking forward working with you again in the future."

- Samuel Keith

Tiff to Drawing Conversion Services

Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) stores images such as photographs, converted images, line arts and many more. The benefit of this format lies in its variety and quality. Because it is capable of storing high color depth images also and enables ease of view for image files, it is widely used.

Benefits of choosing us for your CAD Conversion requirements:

  • 100% editing of the files possible
  • Multi-layered drawings are generated
  • Authentic and accurate drawings
  • AIA standards followed, customized specifications are our priority
  • Separate text area as a layer
  • Designers are not proficient in image-editing tools like Coral Draw or Photoshop

Why convert TIF Files to DWG format?

Inability to edit the image renders it useless to creative professionals, designers and web developers. Just as a PDF renders a text un-editable, TIF works the same for your BMP images. Now as a designer, architect, civil engineer or R&D expert for an OEM, you would prefer useful images to be in dwg format. That's where CAD Conversion India plays a role. We convert TIFF drawings to AutoCAD files.

BMP to TIFF, TIFF to BMP Conversion

The vectorization process converts the TIFF images to DWG. But the creation of TIFF from BMP files and the reverse also comes under our belt.

  • High resolution images
  • Scaling doesn't affect clarity and pixilation
  • Zoomed pictures generated if desired by you

Because we intend to give our 100% to the work, we give equal importance to manual redrawing and manual conversions. We create different layers for centerlines, text area, dimensions of the image, body and hidden lines. Dimensions of the image are intact.

Contact us to get more information about our TIf to Drawing conversion services.

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